Best Los Angeles Bus Accident Attorney

Bus accidents may be rare but treacherous and can cause serious injuries. If you or a loved one has been involved, seek immediate medical attention. Talk to a Los Angeles bus accident attorney because you’ll need all the legal help you can get. Doing so can help lift the burden off your shoulders, making you less worried, and allowing you to focus on your healing.

Best Los Angeles Bus Accident Attorney

Los Angeles Bus Accident Attorney: Bus Driver’s Duty of Care to Passengers

Countless traffic accident lawsuits manifest from negligence. California law mandates both drivers and bus operators to provide their passengers with a duty of care. A Los Angeles bus accident lawyer can help you prove that:

  • The bus driver (defendant) had a duty of care to his or her passengers
  • The defendant breached his duty of care
  • The plaintiff suffered injuries as a direct result

Most Common Causes of Bus Collisions in Los Angeles

Accidents strike like lightning. You’ll never know when it will happen and who will become the unlucky victims. The National Safety Council and National Highway Traffic Safety Administration documented over a hundred total fatalities from school buses and public transit accidents. Many people think that school buses are a safe option to transport children and teachers to their homes. However, misfortunes can happen at any time, causing harm to everyone involved, from:


Negligence is the number one reason why bus accidents occur. The bus owner or the leasing company didn’t perform regular maintenance or check-ups on the vehicle for safety.

Driver Error and Fatigue (DUI)

School bus drivers must be professionals and adequately trained. They shouldn’t exceed working hours. This will help them perform to a higher standard to prevent road accidents. 

Driving Under the Influence

Some drivers are in the influence of alcohol or intoxicated with illegal drugs while driving. This makes them drowsy and prevents them from thinking properly. Impaired driving can lead to devastating accidents, causing catastrophic injuries or even death.

Distracted Driving

Distraction occurs when the driver talks on his phone, texts, or messages. He might also be eating and drinking or arguing with a passenger.


Some buses don’t have proper seats or seatbelts. There are also times when it becomes crowded with passengers, forcing others to stand up. When accidents happen, these passengers will bump with each other while others could be thrown out of the bus.  

Mechanical/Manufacturing Defects

Accidents happened when the vehicle manufacturer failed to provide a quality bus to drive safely. There could be faulty or missing parts that might have caused the accident.

Traffic and Weather Conditions

Inclement weather can contribute to bus accidents. Storm, rain, and hailstones can create slippery roads resulting in disastrous circumstances. Based on the weather’s harshness, it can cause inconvenient driving conditions, worsening traffic. At the same time, it can increase the possibility of a fender-bender. 

Most Common Injuries that Victims Sustain from Bus Accidents

Every time a bus accident occurs, passengers sustain various kinds of damages. These injuries vary from minor, severe, fatal, and life-changing. 

  • Cuts and bruises
  • Burn injuries
  • Broken bones, ankles, and fractured knees
  • Spinal cord injury
  • Lower back injuries, herniated discs
  • Neck injuries, whiplash
  • Traumatic head Injury

Financial Recovery that Bus Accident Victims Can Acquire

California law enables bus accident victims to get full and fair compensation for any damages. Hire the best Los Angeles bus accident attorney to ensure you’ll get fair compensation. The financial recovery a victim may get is usually based on several factors, including:

  • Medical bills and expenditures associated with treatment and rehabilitation
  • Salaries and earnings lost due to inability to work
  • Future earning capacity because of long term injury or permanent disability
  • Mental anguish and emotional suffering

Punitive Damage Compensation

The jury usually awards this compensation to the plaintiff to penalize the defendant because of his intentional harm. He needs to pay the victim because he doesn’t care about other people’s lives and safety. Punitive damages serve as punishment to defendants to keep them from committing the same mistake or behavior in the future. 

Liable Party for Bus Accident Injuries

Aside from commercial vehicles, buses are also “common carriers” since they transport passengers for hire. They need to comply with numerous FMCSA and California state regulations administering to the commercial transportation industry. 

California law asserts buses to higher standards of care compared to other drivers. Most drivers should use reasonable care while driving their vehicles. Bus drivers, on the other hand, should use extreme protection and carefulness for the passengers’ safety.  

Cases have their own special legal specifics, distinguishing them from other forms of motor vehicle accident cases. In line with the type of bus involved, liable parties may include:

  • A municipality that operates public buses
  • A private company that owned the bus
  • A school district that owns school buses

Consult a Knowledgeable Los Angeles Bus Accident Attorney Today

Filing a lawsuit is a complicated process, and you’ll need an attorney who knows how to navigate the legal processes. Our powerful Los Angeles bus accident attorneys at Benjamin Law Firm can help you win your case. We’ll fight for your rights and ensure that you’ll get the compensation you deserve. 

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