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LA Dog Bite Injury Lawyers: In the United States, over five million people suffer injuries from dog bites and animal attacks. California has the most number of dog bite claims than other states. Due to the nature of dog attacks and bites, they can also be deadly.

Over 5,000 postal workers experienced animal attacks each year. In fact, most victims are children, accounting for 60% of dog bite victims who are under 12 years old. 

In California, pet owners are responsible for their pet’s actions, even though it’s on their own property. You don’t relinquish your right to security when you tap on your neighbor’s door. The same thing goes when you pass by their house on the sidewalk.

LA dog bite injury lawyers

California Dog Bite Laws

According to the state’s dog bite laws, owners are “stringently liable” for any injuries induced by their dogs. It includes any animals they own, regardless of the previous history or petulance. Besides, in California, there’s no “first free bite.” Until the dog previously attacked someone, the owner has no civil liability for their pet’s behavior.

As a matter of fact, even the best-behaved canines can attack without a warning. Whether they like it or not, pet or animal owners are liable for their pet’s violent behavior. Victims, on the other hand, are eligible to acquire financial damages. It is also whether the animal in question didn’t previously attack anyone.

The Civil Code section 3342 designates dog owners with strict liability for their dog’s behavior. This is when a person sustains attacks from all domesticated animals, including horses, cats, and exotic animals. It’s as long as the attacked person didn’t initiate the attack through provocation or negligence. It means that:

  • The defendant owns the dog or animal
  • The attacked person was on public property or legally on private property 
  • The dog bit the victim 
  • The attack caused the injury

Defenses in Strict Liability Statute

In California, a dog owner may not evade liability if the dog hadn’t bitten someone previously and didn’t show vicious actions. Defenses in strict liability include:

  • Trespass
  • Actual bite
  • Provocation
  • Assumption of risk
  • Police and military

Negligence Theory

It’s fortunate that victims don’t just have to rely on strict liability to recover for dog bite injuries. They can also recover through a common law negligence theory. But it requires evidence that the dog owner’s negligence permitted his pet to attack the victim. 

Under strict liability, recovering damages is easier since the victim doesn’t have to prove the owner’s negligence. Undoubtedly, the owner could have been precautious to prevent any attack. In such cases, the dog owner becomes liable. 

Obtaining Medical Treatment for Dog Bites and Animal Attacks

Getting immediate medical care is the most important thing you need to do after an animal attack or dog bite. Speaking with a professional dog bite injury Los Angeles lawyer can help you receive the medical treatment you deserve and require. 

At Big Ben Lawyers, our team of dog bites injury lawyers has a background and interest in Medicine. This helps in establishing a strong dog bite injury case against the defendant. Your medical records will indicate the extent of your injuries. Likewise, it helps the jury decide how much you should get for the cost of your current and future medical expenses.  

When the Pet Owner Isn’t the Only One Responsible

It isn’t always that the pet owner takes responsibility for his or her dog’s actions. There are situations when there are other people who are liable for dog bite injuries. Sometimes, animals are under the supervision and care of someone who doesn’t own them. These possible liable parties may include:

Property Landlords

There are instances when a landlord becomes liable for animal attacks that occurred on their property. It doesn’t matter whether the landlord owns the animal in question or not.  

Animal Caretakers

Anybody who takes care of an animal on behalf of the owner can be financially accountable for the victim’s injuries and the animal’s vicious behavior. Dog walkers, residences, and individuals who take care or assume custody of the dog or animals are also liable during the time of the attack. 

Banks and Lenders that Lease Properties

Most banks and lenders assumed control of homes and other properties. In this case, they become landlords and assume a duty of care, which makes them financially liable for animal attacks that happened on the property.

Dog Bite Injury? Contact Big Ben Lawyers to Protect Your Rights

It’s extremely painful when you suffer attacks and bites from a dog or other pet animals, while it leaves you with scars and expensive medical treatment bills. If you didn’t trespass or provoke the dog but sustained injuries, speak with dog bite injury attorney at Big Ben Lawyers for the best option. 

Contact us today so we can help you acquire the medical care you require and the financial recovery you deserve. Call (818) 423-4878 for a free evaluation of your case. We work on a contingency fee basis.  

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