A Defective Product Caused Me Injuries. How Can I Recover The Damages?

When we purchase certain products, we’re confident that they are efficient and safe to use. However, there are circumstances that it’s not always the case. Some products are not safe to use, which can cause serious injuries or even death of the user. These faulty products can either crack, explode, cause poisoning, burn the skin, or some other varying actions that could lead to personal injury or demise.

If you or a loved one suffers injury from using a defective product, speak with Big Ben Lawyers. We’ll protect your rights and ensure that you’ll justice and the compensation you deserve. Our experienced and knowledgeable defective product injury lawyers will help you file a claim against the liable party or parties.  

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Defective Product Injury Lawyers: What Makes a Product Defective?

Not all products work for their purpose. Some have already defects even before they leave the manufacturing warehouse. So what makes a product defective? 

A Flaw in the Product Design

A flaw in the product design already exists before it undergoes manufacturing and is categorized in two ways. In a “consumer expectation test,” the product becomes defective if it doesn’t function safely as a consumer expects it to be. On the other hand, if the product design caused an injury, that design is considered legally faulty. It’s unless the manufacturer can demonstrate that the advantages of the particular design supersede the risks the design poses.

Imperfection During Manufacturing Stage

At this point, imperfection exists during the product manufacturing process. A product has a manufacturing defect if it was made differently from the intended design or specifications in the same product line. 

Negligence to Provide Appropriate Warning or Right Product Usage

The manufacturing company can be held liable accountable if it fails to provide sufficient warnings or accurate information on the proper usage of a particular product. It should divulge the potential risks of using the product improperly, especially a medicine’s likely side effects. 

A defect in the product doesn’t always hold the manufacturer liable. For example, a person left his phone charging overnight. However, the instruction said to charge it for a specific number of hours. When the person woke up, he used his phone while still being charged, when all of a sudden it exploded, injuring his hands.

What Types of Damages Can You Recover from a Product Liability Case?

Using a defective product can result in minor to severe injuries. Medical treatment is expensive and the injuries you sustain can have a negative impact on the quality of your life when you can no longer work. Big Ben Lawyers experienced lawyers can rectify it by helping you file a claim to make your life “whole” again.    

If you or a loved one suffer injuries due to using a faulty product, you have the right to sue for compensation for the total value of your economic and noneconomic losses. It includes:

  • Compensation for medical costs (including past and future)
  • Damages for pain, suffering, and emotional distress
  • Compensation for any overhead costs (travel expenses to medical appointments, such as doctor check-ups) 
  • Compensation for lost salaries and the value of future lost earnings and benefits

How Long Do You Need to File a Claim for a Product Liability Case?

To have a valid claim, you need to file it within the allowed timeframe. California’s statute of limitations provides two years to file personal injury claims from the date of injury. When you file beyond the allowed period, you lose your right to receive compensation.  

Seek the Help of a Professional Defective Product Injury Attorney

When a defective product caused you harm or injury, it’s wise to speak with a lawyer. He can review the facts and details of your case and provides you with educated advice to help you come up with an informed decision.

Big Ben Lawyer can do the following to protect your legal rights and maximize the compensation that you’ll receive:

  • Determines what caused your injury and collect evidence to prove it
  • Verify the type of product defect whether it’s a manufacturing, design, or warning defect
  • Calculates the value of your claim and assesses the extent of your damages
  • Ensures that your case is filed within the statute of limitations
  • Issues a demand letter to the defendant or insurance company
  • Negotiates with the claims adjuster regarding your settlement.

Remember that most companies that manufacture or design defective products are represented by high-powered, and highly-skilled, attorneys. To even the playing field, you need to hire Big Ben Lawyers’ skilled defective product lawyer.

Big Ben Lawyers are Always Ready to Help You

When you face an ordeal associated with using a defective product, contact Big Ben Lawyers for help. We are here to uphold your legal rights and assure you that you’ll get the compensation you deserve.

We work on a contingency fee basis, so you don’t have to worry about paying us upfront. Your fast recovery is more important for us. Focus on your healing and we’ll handle your case.

We’re just a phone call away. You may reach us at (818) 423-4878, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You’ll be glad to have us as advocates. Book now for a free evaluation of your case.

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