5 Effective Ways an Expert Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Can Help with Your Claim

Riding a motorcycle is not only fun but also a means of transportation for workers in California. Each year, more and more motorcycles are getting registered which could add to the countless numbers of catastrophic road accidents. Records suggest that there are more motorcycle accidents than car accidents. If you or a loved one suffer injuries from a motorcycle accident, don’t think twice before you call and seek help from Big Ben Lawyers’ expert motorcycle accident lawyer in Los Angeles

motorcycle accident lawyer in Los Angele

How Can an Expert Lawyer Help with Your Claim?

Accidents happen whether we like it or not, and because it’s sudden, you don’t have any choice but to accept your fate. For most victims, it’s the other driver’s negligence that caused the collision. The other driver, on the other hand, will also blame the motorcycle rider for recklessness. 

Establishing liability in this situation is a bit complicated. What makes it more complicated is when there are multiple liable parties, including the car driver and the motorcycle rider. Proving negligence is the key to obtaining compensation. When the matter becomes worse, working with a lawyer in Los Angeles is a big help.

Here are ways how an accident lawyer from Big Ben Lawyers can help:

Gathering Crucial Evidence

A motorcycle accident attorney will gather crucial evidence to identify the liable party and demonstrate his or her negligence. He will investigate your case and return to the accident scene to take pictures and footage if necessary. 

Handles Important Documents

One of the several documents that you need to present when filing a claim is police and medical reports. It may take time before you obtain them. With your current situation, you might no longer pursue the case and your claim.   

However, when you hire an expert lawyer, you can count on him to take care of the required paperwork for you. Additionally, he will file forms on your behalf while you focus on your speedy recovery. He will present these documents to the insurance company and get the compensation you deserve. 

Deal with the Insurance Company

Insurance companies are for profit and not for charity. They have their own lawyers to contest your claim. Either they would delay your claim or offer you an amount much lower than what you really deserve. 

When you have a legal representative, they will think twice before they would offer you such an unacceptable amount. Additionally, you don’t have to spend time communicating with the insurance company. Your hired lawyer will do the negotiation for you. 

Review Your Case

The motorcycle accident attorney will review your case and provide you with an honest approximate. He will also discuss with you the types of damages you can recover. Additionally, evaluating your case allows you to know if you have a case to pursue or not. 

Serves as Your Legal Representative in Court

When the insurance company won’t give the amount you are eligible for, your lawyer will have to bring the case to court. The jury will then decide how much should you get based on the pieces of evidence presented by your lawyer.

Main Reasons Why Motorcycle Accidents Occur in California

Motorcycle accidents will always happen when negligence is just around the corner. No one can avoid it if there are reckless drivers on the road. Here are the main reasons why motorcycle accidents occur in California:

Intersection Accidents

This accident happens at intersections when drivers ignore traffic signals and right of way rules. Drivers who turn left fail to give way to oncoming motorcyclists crossing straight through the intersection. Generally, drivers are held responsible for causing road accidents, especially at intersections. 

Driving Under the Influence (DUI)

A driver who is driving under the influence can cause a destructive accident. Intoxicated drivers have delayed reaction time and diminished perception. Also, they cause greater risk to motorcycle riders because of their less visibility due to their small size.   

Blind Spot Accidents

Motorcycle riders that are riding close to a truck or car can quickly vanish into a blind spot. If the driver fails to check prior to changing lanes, a collision with a motorcycle rider may happen. Because the rider has nothing to protect him apart from a helmet, blind spot accidents can result in severe injuries.

Motorcycle Lane Splitting

This is a practice wherein motorcycle riders drive between rows of halted or moving vehicles in the exact lane. California legalized lane splitting in 2017.

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