How to Find the Right Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyer to Handle Your Brain Injury Claim

Los Angeles is an industrialized city boasting different industries, including Agriculture, Tourism, and Technology. It means more people go to work every day, which also means more vehicles on the road. Different drivers share the road with other drivers who are careful while others are negligent.

We don’t want to encounter any misfortune on the road while traveling. However, accidents happen (whether we like it or not), even though how careful you are when driving. There will be negligent drivers on the road who are indifferent and wouldn’t care even if they hurt or injure someone.

When you suffer head or brain injury from an accident due to someone else’s negligence, don’t be reluctant to ask for help from Big Ben Lawyers. The significance of a brain injury claim necessitates in-depth attention from the right personal injury lawyer in LA

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Choosing the Right Brain Injury Lawyer to Handle Your Case

Suffering from a brain injury is a serious matter that needs serious attention not only from a medical perspective but also from a legal’s point of view. Seek a reputable firm with an excellent track record with lawyers who have an interest or background in Medicine. You’ll know that they will have a better understanding of your injury. Besides, it will help them establish a strong case against those who caused you harm or injury because they know the extent of the harm or injury a victim may sustain.

You may ask a friend, relative, or acquaintance who knew a knowledgeable Los Angeles brain injury attorney who can help you. Find a law firm that has been in the industry for several decades and has a higher percentage of successful cases.

Meet with different PI lawyers and schedule a consultation with them. Don’t be shy to ask them questions because you’ll never know what you want to know. Besides, asking them enables you to determine who are most comfortable with. You can sense if the lawyer is really listening and wants to help you like Big Ben Lawyers.

Most Common Reasons Why Brain Injury Occurs

The Center for Disease Control suggests that brain injuries constitute almost 30% of all injury-related death rates in the US.  Because of this, brain injury is one of the most critical forms of personal injury. So, why does brain injury occur? Here are some of the most common reasons:

  • Assault, battery, and violent crimes (gunshots and deadly weapons)
  • Falling objects and flying debris
  • Slip and falls
  • Explosions or blasts
  • Vehicle accidents (car, truck, motorcycle, or bike)
  • Pedestrian accidents

Each year, there are approximately 600,000 brain injuries due to slip and fall accidents. Traffic collisions, on the other hand, account for 300,000 brain injuries. The impact results in injuries through a mechanism called “diffuse axonal shearing.” The strength of the impact makes the brain move and boomerang inside the skull.   

Because of unsteadiness, the axons (spinal and brain nerve cells) may tear or break up, while neurons will deteriorate. Secondary and persistent effects of the primary may result in more impairment to the brain. It includes internal bleeding (hemorrhage), swelling (cerebral edema), and oxygen deprivation (hypoxia.) 

Most Common Manifestations of a Brain Injury

Early brain injury signs and symptoms are several and can vary according to the acuteness of the initial impact and the overall health of the victim. Here are the most common symptoms of a brain injury:

  • Continuous headaches
  • Changes in behavior, such as personality disorders
  • Loss or lapses in memory 
  • Language disorders or difficulty in speech 
  • Loss of crucial functions, such as reduced cognitive abilities
  • Exhaustion and sluggishness

Recoverable Damages in a Brain Injury Claim  

In a brain injury claim, recovering damages is easier said than done. Before you can get compensation for your damages and injuries you need to prove certain elements. This is a very daunting process and you’ll need the help of a skilled Los Angeles TBI lawyer to prove the defendant’s negligence and how the injury adversely affects you and your family’s life physically, emotionally, and financially.    

Here are the damages you can recover in a brain injury claim:

  • Medical expenses (present and future)
  • Physical pain and suffering
  • Mental suffering
  • Lost earnings (present and future)
  • Loss of companionship or consortium

Choose the Right Los Angeles Brain Injury Attorney to Help with Your Claim

If you need help with your brain injury claim, look no further because Big Ben Lawyers is always here for you. Our seasoned brain injury lawyers have what it takes to make a successful case because of their knowledge and interest in Medicine. 

Schedule with us a free evaluation of your case. After talking to us, you’ll realize how important it is to have a lawyer by your side. We’ll always be with you throughout the legal process and serve as your legal representative. We’re always to defend you from those who hurt you or caused your injury. 

Call (818) 423-4878 and let’s discuss your case at no charge. Don’t worry about paying us upfront. You can pay us after we settle you a compensation. No win, no pay. 

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