What To Do When You Got Involved in a Bus Accident in Glendale

Buses may be one of the safest forms of transportation, but disastrous accidents still happen. Getting involved in a bus accident is a devastating experience for you and your family. If you have been bruised, crushed, or incapacitated, speak with an experienced Glendale bus accident attorney at Big Ben Lawyers. 

Regardless if you’re riding the bus, waiting for one, or you’re in another vehicle that had a collision with a bus and suffered serious injuries, it’s in your best interest to consult an advocate. This will help protect your rights and allows you to know what options you may have. Call (818) 423-4878 and schedule a FREE evaluation of your case.

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Common Injuries that Victims Suffer in Bus Accidents in Glendale

There’s no questioning that tragic bus accidents can change a victim’s life instantly. Because of its massive size and weight, such impingements typically cause significantly serious injuries and mortality. Some of the most common injuries in bus accidents include:

  • Disabilities
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Loss of limbs or extremities
  • Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs)
  • Fractured or broken bones 
  • Paralysis
  • Cuts, bruises, or lacerations 
  • Death

These injuries (except for death) require immediate medical treatment that may last for weeks, months, or even a lifetime. Those who survived have to deal with permanent impairment, disabilities, scarring, and disfigurement for the rest of their lives. Medical care can cost millions that’s why you need an expert Glendale bus accident lawyer at Big Ben Lawyers, which bears an excellent track record for years. 

Why Do Bus Accidents Happen in Glendale?

Bus accidents occur in Glendale for several reasons. These include:

  • Speeding is when drivers didn’t follow the speed limit imposed by the law
  • Distracted driving is when the driver’s attention isn’t on the road 
  • Hazardous weather conditions such as heavy storms or snow can make the road slippery or cause zero visibility
  • Drunk driving is when drivers are intoxicated with high levels of alcohol or dangerous drugs
  • Reckless driving is when the drivers didn’t follow traffic rules such as no tailgating or failure to signal when turning left or right
  • Fatigued driving can cause disastrous road accidents when the driver fell asleep or is too tired to drive

Bus Companies as Liable Party for the Accident  

Commercial vehicles such as buses must comply with several FMCSA and Glendale regulations that administer to the commercial transportation industry. As “common carriers” these large vehicles are also for hire, transferring passengers from one place to another.

The law requires bus drivers to use “absolute care and attention” for the passengers’ safety. Moreover, they need to execute an “equitable degree of skill.” Bus companies, on the other hand, need to meet the following regulations:

  • Hired bus drivers must have a license and adequate training
  • Bus drivers must have restrictions on their work hours to avoid fatigued driving
  • Bus drivers must undergo spontaneous drug testing and must have strict limits on blood alcohol levels
  • Routine check-ups and proper maintenance of buses

Sadly, both bus drivers and bus companies frequently violate these regulations which can lead to unwanted risks of harm not only for passengers, but also for other drivers, pedestrians, and other people on the road. 

Our finest trial Glendale bus accident attorney will hold them both completely responsible for causing devastating injuries to the victims by breaching their duties and the abovementioned regulations. 

Based on the kind of bus involved, the responsible parties may involve a private company that owned the bus, a school district that owns the bus, a municipality that operates the bus, or another party. 

Our team of well-versed bus accident attorneys at Big Ben Lawyers ensures to identify the defendant(s) or liable parties. This increases your compensation which is just right because you’ll require extensive medical care which could take years or even a lifetime.  

Types of Compensation Bus Accident Victims May Recover

Most of the time bus accidents always leave victims financially crippled. Whether you’re riding a school, tour, or city bus, this type of accident must compensate victims for their injuries and other damages. This includes:

Experienced Glendale Bus Accident Attorney: Medical Bills

Buses are large transport vehicles and much heavier than most standard cars. The accidents they may cause are more harmful and more catastrophic than regular car collisions. This leaves victims suffering from severe injuries and soaring medical expenses. The compensation you’ll get will pay for your medical bills, hospitalization, doctor visits, and other costs related to your medical care.  

Lost Wages

If the accident caused you serious injuries, you need to miss work so you can recover from your injuries and pain. You must stay at home to allow your wounds to heal and regain your health.

Pain and Suffering 

The law states that a bus victim must recover damages for his pain and suffering (past and future) bared due to the negligence of another person. 

Wrongful Death

Every year, bus accidents claim too many lives — students, workers, other drivers — young and old people. This should cover burial and funeral expenses. 

Our knowledgeable Glendale bus accident attorney will further discuss with you what other possible damages you may recover. We can also maximize the compensation that you can get to ensure that you’ll have sufficient funds for your financial stability.

Experienced Glendale Bus Accident Attorney: File Your Claim on Time 

Filing a claim within the specified period the law allows is crucial. In Glendale, you have two years to file a personal injury claim for your bus accident injuries. In case a government department caused the incident, you only have six months. Moreover, there’s a different statute of limitations when a minor is involved. 

You don’t have to worry because whoever or whatever caused the crash that lead to your injuries, our skilled Glendale bus accident attorneys will ensure that you’ll be able to file a claim. 

Call Big Ben Lawyers for Help

If you need help contact us for help. Our top-rated Glendale bus accident attorneys are always here to help. We have an interest and background in Medicine that enable us to establish a strong case against the negligent person or people that caused the accident and your injuries.  

Don’t deal with the problem alone because we are here to protect your legal rights and defend you from insurance companies. Talk to us today and call (818) 423-4878 to schedule a FREE evaluation of your case. 

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