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How do I go about calls from the opposing parties?

When an accident causes significant damage, you may receive many calls from trucking and insurance companies asking for additional information. This can be worrisome because you’re worried that what you say will lead the insurance adjusters to believe you’re to blame for the accident.

In fact, when you have no idea what happened, a competent adjuster could persuade you to say the wrong things on purpose. It’s considerably more stressful if you’re also dealing with major injuries and the associated financial losses. Never agree to give the trucking company or the insurance company a recorded statement.

Also, ensure that you don’t sign any paperwork that the shipping business sends you. Contact us for any concerns you may have and we’ll review any papers they provide you. A Benjamin Law lawyer will be instrumental in defending you in your truck accident case, simply inform everyone who calls to contact us as we will be ready for them.

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