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Riding your bike is one way to unwind yourself from stress, which is also a form of exercise. In California, most employees use bikes when going to work. This makes for cheap transportation since you don’t have to buy gas or fuel. However, while cyclists are on their errands to work, they’re also prone to accidents due to the negligence of other people. In a case like this, you need to talk to a reputable Glendale bicycle accident attorney for legal assistance.

Generally, California law defaults on considering injured victims – pedestrians or cyclists – in a bicycle accident. You can maximize your compensation with the help of a reputable Glendale bicycle accident lawyer.

Glendale Bicycle Accident Attorney

Most Common Causes of Bicycle Accidents in Glendale

In Glendale, it’s a common scenario where a vehicle collides with a cyclist. Because of the bicycle size including the insufficiency of protection, a cyclist will always suffer more damage than the driver of a vehicle. 

According to studies, the western states of the US have the highest bicycling rates. Due to this, bicycle accidents are always present and these are the most common causes:

  • Falls (17%)
  • Collisions (7%)
  • Hit by motor vehicle (29%)
  • Distracted rider (13%)
  • Chased, attacked, or bitten by a dog 
  • Under repair/maintenance roadways

Other causes include:

  • Merging and changing lanes of some vehicles
  • Rear-ended by a motor vehicle
  • Collisions at intersections
  • Struck by a car pulling out 
  • Vehicles that make a “right hook” or “left hook”
  • Motorists that don’t provide cyclists with sufficient space on roadways 

On the other hand, vehicle drivers can also cause severe injuries to cyclists due to:

  • Failure to see cyclists because of distracted driving
  • Swaying into the bicycle lane
  • Over speeding or driving too fast
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol or prohibited drugs
  • Sudden brake, which doesn’t give cyclists enough time to change their route 

The Reputable Glendale Bicycle Accident Attorney Can Prove the At-Fault Party 

As a cyclist protected by law set your expectation that the driver of another vehicle involved in the accident will challenge your claim. The driver’s insurance company will surely find ways to make it appear that it’s your fault and not their client’s. In that way, they will only pay you less than what you demand or not pay you at all. The reputable Glendale bicycle accident attorney will carry out comprehensive investigations to support your claim and optimize damage compensation. 

At times, a cyclist also contributes to the collision. Although you’re also liable, the reputable Glendale bicycle accident attorney can help you get a settlement for your suffered injuries. Under the law, an injured victim may claim in part to the other party’s liability whether the other party holds the most responsibility. For instance, you are 50% liable for the accident, you still have 50% of the recoverable damage.  

Possible Bicycle Accident Injuries 

It’s necessary that you wear protective helmets, reflectors, or other safety gear when riding a bicycle because you never know when accidents will happen. Some of the possible bicycle accident injuries a cyclist may experience include:

  • Lacerations 
  • Spinal injuries
  • Contusions
  • Arm, leg, and rib fractures
  • Internal bleeding
  • Concussions and closed-head injuries
  • Abrasions and cuts
  • Road rashes
  • Organ injuries

Compensation You May Get From Bicycle Accident Injury Claim

As an injured cyclist, there are a few compensations you may get after proving that the accident is not your fault. When you have a reputable Glendale bicycle accident attorney by your side, you can recover damages such as:

  • Medical bills (hospitalization, medical treatment, doctor’s check-up, and other medical expenses) 
  • Recovery aids such as physical therapy, wheelchair, crutches, or ramps
  • Lost salaries
  • Loss of future wages
  • Emotional distress
  • Pain and suffering
  • Disability
  • Property loss (damaged bike, phone, and others)
  • Loss of enjoyment in life

Hire a Reputable Glendale Bicycle Accident Attorney for Good Reasons

It’s worth noting that most insurance companies won’t be on your side because they are for-profit business. They will do whatever it takes to pay less and uphold their bottom line. Other insurance companies will use delaying tactics and most of the time, challenge your personal injury claim. 

The reputable Glendale bicycle accident attorney is your best confederate to identify liability, assess the true value of your claim, and fight for your right to have the compensation you deserve. To get a claim, it’s important to prove that :

  • Someone else’s caused the accident, usually due to negligence
  • The accident caused your suffering – physically, mentally, and financially

The task of proof must not be yours to shoulder alone. Your reputable Glendale bicycle accident attorney will speak on your behalf and will bring your case to the court if needed.

Turn to the Benjamin Law Firm whenever you need legal assistance regarding personal injury claim. We help our clients in every step of the way and we’ll assess your case at no obligation. Our team of experienced and skilled lawyers have a medical background, which is an advantage in establishing a strong case. 

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