Highly Capable Glendale Pedestrian Accidents Lawyer

Glendale is unquestionably one of the riskiest places for a pedestrian. Residents are always vulnerable to rushing vehicles driven by negligent drivers.  If you’re a victim, you can file for compensation with a highly capable Glendale pedestrian accidents lawyer.

The city started Vision Zero to end traffic accidents by 2025 that involve pedestrians. However, such efforts made weren’t enough to stop these accidents that occur in Glendale involving more than 10 pedestrians on a daily average. 

Glendale Pedestrian Accidents Lawyer

Important Things You Should Do if You’re a Pedestrian Accidents Victim

It’s a traumatizing experience when you’re just out for a walk and then all of a sudden became involved in a pedestrian accident in Glendale. You’ll not only experience physical injuries but mental and emotional problems as well. The incident will also interfere with your daily routine such as dressing, sleeping, eating, bathing, caring for your family, and other chores. 

Listed below are the important things you should do if you’re a victim of pedestrian accidents. You need to immediately take action to safeguard yourself and your future, including your legal rights. 

Glendale Pedestrian Accidents Lawyer: Obtain Medical Attention As Soon As Possible

Call 911 to obtain medical attention If you were seriously hit by a vehicle but are conscious. You’ll need immediate treatment and to acquire a complete medical evaluation. You might think that you’re fine because you can’t feel any pain. But the truth is, it’s the shock that caused you to think that you’re ok. Besides, you could be suffering already from internal bleeding without knowing it. 

Record Your Injuries or Damages

While still conscious and after calling the medical services, check yourself. Examine which part of your body hurts and if you have any external injuries. Record whatever injuries or damages you have experienced. You will find them helpful should you consider filing a claim with the help of a highly capable Glendale pedestrian accidents lawyer. 

Call the Authorities

Aside from calling medical services, you also need to call the authorities. It’s important that you document each circumstance with a police officer that resulted in you getting involved in a pedestrian accident. Besides, the insurance company or your chosen highly capable Glendale pedestrian accidents lawyer may necessitate a police report that records the accident. 

Don’t Deliberate Fault on the Scene

Whatever the facts that demonstrate the events that resulted in your pedestrian accident, NEVER deliberate fault on the scene whether you’re responsible or not. It’s possible that you’re not completely aware of the law. What you’ll say can be used against you by the insurance company. Relate the information only to the highly capable Glendale pedestrian accidents lawyer. 

Seek Legal Help 

Your life is always at stake in terms of accidents. You’ll need someone to protect and fight for your rights. A highly capable Glendale pedestrian can help you understand and walk you through the process of filing a claim. He will be the one to negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf and makes sure that you’ll get a fair settlement. 

Filing for Pedestrian Accident Lawsuit

When it comes to traffic-related deaths, pedestrian fatality rates represent the highest record. Road improvements, signage, local regulations, and others are crucial to improving pedestrian safety. The lawful system is a brilliant way in which victims can have well-deserved compensation.

A pedestrian accident lawsuit is a personal injury claim involving injured victims seeking financial damages for their suffered injuries. As a victim, you must be able to prove the driver’s negligence that caused your injuries. You can file a claim if:

  • Your injuries are due to the accident
  • You were somehow partially not liable for the accident

Analyzing the accident between a vehicle and a pedestrian is crucial. It’s crucial to identify not only who is liable. Another factor to consider is the extent of liability for each party, both the driver and the pedestrian. 

California enforces several right-of-way regulations that protect pedestrians. It also helps prove the driver’s negligence which resulted in an accident. Filing for this kind of lawsuit is a bit complicated and a highly capable Glendale pedestrian accidents lawyer will make it easier for you. 

Compensation a Pedestrian Accident Victim May Get

California pedestrian laws provide protection for people hit by a vehicle. If you or a loved is a victim of pedestrian accident may get compensation for the damages and these are:

Hospital and Medical Bills 

In an accident, it’s rare that a victim will leave the scene unscathe. Most of the times, the victim suffer from minor to severe injuries which may require long-time treatment. You’ll need money to pay for the hospital and medical bills.

Lost Wages

Because of the sustained injuries, most pedestrian victims need to stay at home or in the hospital for complete recuperation. They have to miss work which means they’ll also miss their wages. 

Loss of Earning Capacity

When you suffered serious injuries, it’s possible that you’ll no longer be able to work. When you can’t work anymore, you’ll need to file a claim to compensate for it.

Loss of Enjoyment of Life

It’s devastating when you can’t do the things you do most enjoy because of the injuries the pedestrian caused due to somebody else’s negligence. 

Loss of Consortium

This applies when a spouse or partner in life suffered injuries in a pedestrian accident. The uninjured partner or spouse can file a claim for loss of consortium. 

Pain and Suffering 

This includes emotional and mental distress that need compensation. It should also compensate for your physical pain and suffering.  

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