I’m a Bus Accident Victim. Who Should I Sue?

Most people feel safer riding a bus when going to places around California. As a passenger, you can enjoy the view because of your seat which is higher than other vehicles. However, buses are not the only vehicles on the road. It shares the course with other vehicles, from bikes to the largest trucks.  Drivers have different attitudes when behind the wheel. Some are careful, while some are negligent, which can cause road accidents. If you or a loved one encountered an accident and suffered injuries while riding a bus, contact a credible bus accident Los Angeles lawyer. This will ensure that your rights are going to be protected. 

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What Causes Bus Accidents in California?

Several factors and conditions can lead to accidents. In California, these elements that usually cause bus accidents are:

  • Driver fatigue (driving for long hours)
  • Driver error (beating the red light)
  • Driving under the influence (drunk or intoxicated)
  • Hostile driving (speeding)
  • Distracted driving (texting or using the phone)
  • Blinds spots (other vehicles not visible)
  • Inclement weather conditions (storm or snow)
  • Poor maintenance (insufficient vehicle inspection) 

Bus Accident Los Angeles Lawyer: What Does California Law Mandate?

The law specifies that common carriers, such as buses should provide extreme care and attention for safe transport or delivery. Likewise, they need to provide everything essential for that purpose and should administer a reasonable degree of skill. 

These common carriers must:

  • Safely convey passengers to their destinations
  • Provide a safe room for passenger’s entrance and exit 
  • Safeguard passengers from harm’s way
  • Ensure the safety of all active vehicles with sufficient and accurate maintenance
  • Proper screening and training of bus drivers
  • Restrictions on working hours to prevent fatigue
  • Control of blood alcohol levels and impromptu drug testing

If a common carrier neglects to advocate its lawful responsibilities, it can be held accountable for all resulting damages its passengers will sustain.

Sadly, both bus companies and drivers usually disobey these regulations. They establish unwanted risks or harm to bus passengers, pedestrians, drivers, and anyone on the road.  

What Types of Compensation Can You Recover from a Bus Accident?

Based on the nature and severity of your or your loved one’s injury, the skilled bus accident Los Angeles lawyer can identify potential claims for:

  • Medical treatment expenses
  • Lost salaries 
  • Loss of earning capacity
  • Vocational rehabilitation
  • Loss of consortium 
  • Lifecare expenses
  • Punitive Damages
  • Wrongful death (in case the victim dies)

Counting up damages relies on factors, such as the victim’s injuries and existing earnings. It also includes marital status and dependents, nature and degree of the injuries, and others. 

Who Could Be Accountable for Your Injuries?

 Bus accidents can occur in many ways. With that in mind, a question arises as to who is accountable for the injuries and damages you sustained from a bus accident. Hiring a knowledgeable bus accident can identify the liable party or parties liable for your misfortune, including:

Private Bus Company 

A defective bus that operates on the road can possibly cause a road accident. The bus company that sends out its vehicle with faulty brakes, worn-out tires, or shaky steering column can be held liable. 

They are also responsible for bus accidents if they hire unqualified drivers and maintenance people. Likewise, they are accountable if they negligently train or supervise people involved in a bus accident. Also, they are liable if they failed to implement or execute safety measures.  

Bus Driver

More often, it’s the bus driver’s recklessness that causes accidents. They violate traffic regulations, fall asleep while driving, or became distracted. Operators involved in the crash can be held liable for the passengers’ injuries. The company that employed the driver as well as the insurance company are responsible for bus accidents and accompanying injuries.

Bus Manufacturer

A bus manufacturer becomes liable when it sends imperfect vehicles or parts to distributors. People who buy or will use such defective vehicles are at risk of bus accidents. Along with the manufacturers are retailers who are also held responsible for defective buses or vehicle parts that they sell. 

Other Vehicle Drivers

Other vehicle drivers are held responsible as well if they constitute a bus accident. In short, they played a part in the cause of the bus accident, or they are solely to blame for the crash. They could be drunk, speeding, or beating the red light.

Hiring an experienced bus accident Los Angeles lawyer can identify the true responsible for the collision. He can also tell if there was a third party involved. This way, he can maximize your compensation for better coverage of your treatment overheads and other expenses.

Filing a Claim for Bus Accident Loss and Damages? Call Big Ben Lawyers for Help  

Hiring the bus accident Los Angeles lawyer from Big Ben Lawyers can help you locate all possible accountable parties or defendants. Our compassionate but aggressive lawyers will protect your rights and defend you against insurance companies that take advantage of the victims. 

Big Ben Lawyers is here to defend you and ready to help you. We work on a contingency fee basis so you can focus on your healing and don’t worry about paying us upfront. You can pay us after we secure you a settlement.

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