boy bullied by classmates

Distinguishing Between Innocent Play and Dangerous Bullying

Children in school have, in certain instances, gone through bullying incidents. Both boys and girls can be school bullies. The National School Safety Center has provided that there is an excellent distinction in the manner with which boys and girls bully others. Whereas boys tease directly by physical bullying and verbal bullying, girls are more indirect …

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driver looking at his phone

The Importance of Legal Assistance After an Uber Accident

Legal Assistance After an Uber Accident – Retaining an attorney for legal representation following an Uber accident is paramount compared to personal representation. Consider having an attorney for legal representation. The subsequent paragraphs bring out the details of how important it is to retain a lawyer for legal representation following such cases. Uber has transformed …

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brain mri result

Frequently Asked Questions About Brain Injury Lawsuits

There are several commonly asked questions that often arise regarding brain injuries. The questions range from the meaning to causes and effects of such as far as their health and well-being is concerned. Some of the common inquiries relating to such injuries are as subsequently laid down. The experienced legal personnel at Big Ben Lawyers …

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bicycle hit by a gray car

Understanding Bike and Car Collisions: Your Legal Rights Explained

The Complete Guide to Understanding Riders and Car Collisions Understanding Bike and Car Collisions: Along with healing from the collision, you should be prepared to protect your rights, comprehend your auto insurance coverage, and become aware of the same laws governing bicycle restrictions in your state and town. Lawyers may reject your case occasionally. Did …

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car rear end colission

Who Is Liable in Rear-End Car Crashes in California?

Rear-end accidents are a frequent occurrence on California roads, often leading to property damage, injuries and fatalities. Understanding who is at fault in these incidents is critical for both drivers involved. This article will delve deeper into California laws surrounding liability in rear-end collisions. What Constitutes a Rear-end Accident in California? Rear-end accidents happen when …

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Public Transit or Bus Accidents: Your Legal Rights and Responsibilities

Public Transit Accidents: Public transportation accidents occur globally, leading to significant fatalities and injuries. Many of these tragedies stem from driver error, equipment malfunctions, poor maintenance, and inadequate training. With many passengers aboard, a single accident can result in numerous casualties. The high victim count often necessitates clarity on who should be accountable for the …

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dog biting a child

Beware of Man’s Best Friend Legal Steps to Take After a Dog Bite

Legal Steps to Take After a Dog Bite: The man’s oldest friend can inflict injuries that result in financial, legal, and medical implications. As the dog numbers keep increasing, it is necessary that you understand that you could be the next victim. Being a dog bite victim can bring about confusion as most people would …

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car rear end collision

When to Hire a Car Accident Attorney: What You Need to Know

When to Hire a Car Accident Attorney? A motor vehicle accident leaves the victims with many things to consider during such a stressful time. Running through their minds are many issues like the damage to their vehicle, damage to property, expenses to be incurred to treat the injuries, and making claims against the at-fault driver …

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