Best Trial Wrongful Death Attorney in Glendale You Can Count On

What‘s more devastating than a loved one who died wrongfully due to other people’s negligence?  Wrongful death almost happens every day in Glendale because of reckless drivers, defective products, and hazardous working environments, among others. If you or a loved one is a victim of such negligence, don’t hesitate to contact the best trial wrongful death attorney in Glendale

Trial Wrongful Death Attorney in Glendale

What Should You Know About Wrongful Death?

Wrongful death occurs when a person dies to another individual’s negligence is a kind of tort claim, enabling a surviving family of the deceased to seek financial damages. The defendant – responsible for a person’s death – will pay for the damages. 

A wrongful death lawsuit could recompense your family for economic damages and other losses. It’s a claim taken to California’s civil courts and aims to hold the offender civilly (not criminally) responsible for the victim’s death. 

Your family might have reasons to tender a wrongful death case whether the defendant committed transgression or not. Simultaneously, you can file a civil wrongful death claim after the intentional mischief. You can also include a wrongful death suit for an unintentional tort. Choose the best trial wrongful death attorney in Glendale to help you file the case.

Best Trial Wrongful Death Attorney in Glendale: Elements of Personal Injury

Wrongful death is a personal injury best handled by expert trial lawyers. It involves two elements, liability, and damages. Likewise, it’s crucial to determine between deliberate harm and accidental injuries. You can still get compensation even if the injury is unintentional. 

Deliberate Harm

As the name implies, the harm is intentionally done. The austerity and the connection between the parties aren’t necessary. It also doesn’t matter if the defendant is a firm or an individual. This may result in compensation and prison, in some cases. 

Intentional personal damage may settle under criminal law. It means that it differs from unintentional harm. This is mostly the case when the harm and injuries cause the victim’s death.   

Accidental Injuries

Personal injury cases are unintended harm due to failure to give reasonable care. Unlike in Deliberate Harm, the connection between parties is important. 

An example is a case between a landlord and a tenant. For instance, the landlord has a house for rent but needs some fixing. A tenant rented the house with a damaged staircase that injured him. The landlord can be held liable for not fixing the staircase.

How Does the Best Trial Wrongful Death Attorney in Glendale Can Help You?

A loved one’s death is catastrophic, and you need justice and compensation. You need someone who can handle the complex legal aspects of your case. The best trial wrongful death attorney in Glendale will:

  • Analyze the accident
  • Collect pieces of  evidence or proof of negligence
  • Identifying the defendant
  • Acquiring the deceased’s medical records
  • Resolving complicated claim documents
  • Justifying your family’s losses
  • Establish a case against the defendant
  • Maximize compensation from insurance companies
  • Brings the case in court and represents you whenever necessary 

When Is a Wrongful Death Claim Relevant?

A wrongful death claim ensues after occurrences when a victim dies due to another individual or entity’s unlawful behavior. It can arise from nearly any type of personal injury circumstances. This could result in a victim’s untimely death. A wrongful death claim becomes relevant when:

  • The defendant intentionally inflicted harm and killed the victim
  • Medical malpractice caused the plaintiff’s demise
  • The victim died in a vehicular accident
  • Defective products or parts caused the victim’s death

Damages You Can Recover in a Wrongful Death

The surviving family can file a wrongful death claim to recover the following damages: 

  • Medical treatment expenses for injuries the victim incurred due to injuries 
  • Funeral and burial disbursements
  • Loss of consortium
  • Loss of the departed person’s expected salary
  • Loss of affection and camaraderie
  • Value of the services that the demised would have provided
  • Loss of any possible inheritance due to the victim’s sudden death
  • Loss of concern, supervision, and sustaining the deceased would have provided
  • The deceased’s “pain and suffering” before death (called a “survival” claim)

What is Survival Claim?

Also called “survival action,” it’s a different kind of lawful action the surviving family can take after a loved one’s wrongful death. This type of claim specifically pursues indemnification for the departed victim’s sorrow, misery, and disbenefits instead of the family’s losses.

Speak with the Best Trial Wrongful Death Attorney in Glendale 

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