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Brain injuries come in different forms and have a lasting effect that can change your life forever. You or a loved one may deal with long-term monetary, physical, and emotional challenges. Suffering from a disastrous brain injury produces a multitude of challenges. Consulting the best brain injury Los Angeles lawyer gives you an edge to ensure that you’ll be able to recover your losses and damages.

A brain injury is totally different from other injuries that a few surgeries can correct. It requires long-term medication, depending on the injury’s acuteness. Others lose their memory and cannot return to work anymore. To redress all of these, consult the best brain injury LA lawyer to help recover damages and make you “whole” again.

brain injury Los Angeles lawyer

What is Brain Injury and Its Causes?

A brain injury is any strike to the head disrupting the brain’s normal function. The degree of extent may differ and can range from a concussion to a coma. Some of the most common causes of brain injury include:

  • Slip and fall accidents from workplaces and establishments
  • Medical malpractice
  • Car accidents (rollovers, head-on collisions, and hitting pedestrians)
  • Being hit by falling objects (warehouse or constructions sites)
  • Sports injuries
  • Physical assault
  • Blast injuries from explosions

What are the Symptoms of Brain Injury?

After an accident, the brain can have a host of physical and psychological effects. There are instances wherein you can identify the symptoms right away, and sometimes it takes later to appear. If you suspect that you have brain injury after getting involved in an accident, watch out for these symptoms:

  • Nausea or dizziness
  • Loss of balance
  • Abnormal behavior
  • Blurred vision
  • Mood swings
  • Drowsiness
  • Loss of consciousness for any length of time
  • Concentration problems
  • Speech problems
  • Sudden headache

Most people involved in serious accidents don’t know the lasting effects immediately. They might not understand that their injuries are not just a headache. 

Even if you don’t experience any symptoms have even the mildest headache, it’s still important to seek medical attention right away. The brain is the most significant organ of the human body. 

Determining the Claims

Several factors need consideration in identifying the value of a brain injury claim. It includes: 

  • Establishment of the basis for the defendant’s liability
  • Severity and nature of injuries suffered to the brain, which includes future diagnosis and requirement for supplementary treatment
  • Progression and amount of relevant insurance coverage that may be or may not be pretty much to cover loss and damages

A few types of damages could be the appropriate justification for compensation to injured victims. It includes:

Medical Bills

As an injured victim, you need to seek immediate medical attention. These bills are not limited to:

  • Doctor bills
  • Emergency room bills
  • CT-scan bills 
  • Ambulance bills
  • X-ray bills
  • Neurologist bills
  • MRI bills
  • Other diagnostic studies cost
  • Surgeon’s charges and the facility’s charges
  • Physical therapy bills

Future Medical Bills

According to the needed future medical treatment associated with the suffered brain injury, injured victims will incur future medical bills. If it’s serious, a life care plan might be necessary to determine the cost of care for the rest of the injured victim’s life.

Loss of Salaries and Earning Capacity

Because of the injuries, you can’t go back to work and do the same tasks efficiently before the accident. It also means that you’ll have no salary to expect, including future earnings. 

Loss of Consortium

The victim’s spouse can claim this damage for the injured victim’s loss of love, companionship, care, and affection. It also includes the victim’s loss of moral support, guidance, protection, assistance, and sexual relations. 

Why Hire a Brain Injury Los Angeles Lawyer in Your Case?

Our brain is the most complex internal organ of the body. Additionally, it’s the most difficult to identify and treat. It’s challenging to diagnose because the short and long-term effects are unforeseeable. It’s also one of the many reasons why you need to hire an experienced brain injury Los Angeles lawyer. 

Here are some other important reasons why you will need one:

  • Gathering essential medical records that will help prove the brain injury’s type and seriousness
  • Dealing with sensible settlement amount from the insurance company
  • Establishing the appropriate liable party for your losses and damages
  • Summing the fair amount of your compensatory damages (economic and non-economic)
  • Justifying how considerably your brain injury affect the quality of your life
  • Bringing your legal case to court when necessary for reasonable compensation

The Best Brain Injury Los Angeles Lawyer for Your Case

Suffering from a brain injury is indeed difficult. It requires long-term medication, which means a lifetime of paying to ensure you’ll be okay. You’ll need money for your medical treatment and other expenses. Money is hard to earn, and how can you earn if you have an injury?

That’s why Big Ben Lawyers are here to help you. Our team of compassionate and aggressive brain injury Los Angeles lawyers will protect rights. We can also maximize your compensation and find out if there are other parties involved who contributed to your injury.

Call us today. We work on a contingency fee basis. Dial at (818) 423-4878 for a free case evaluation.

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